Terms & Conditions


With an aim to make your ShopCoin’s redemption process best all the time, here we provide you with certain Terms and Conditions constituting a legal document. This means, that whenever you sign-up to the website for membership you are agreeing to the rules and regulation bound by the company.

Signing up to ShopCoins website means you are not only be the account holder, but you will be bound by a contract agreeing to our terms & conditions that can be amended from time to time. Any changes made, will be immediately posted on the portal.

While on the other hand, signing up to the website and becoming its member mean that the Account will be solely be your and will be managed by you only, and no one else. You can manage your profile, preferences, etc., everything depending on your will.

Signing-Up And Becoming The Member!

Members signing up to the website must be liable to use receipt account into which you choose ShopCoins make your coin redemption payments.

For this, you are required to provide up-to-date, accurate information to us. In case of any changes, you must update it going to the Account Setting option.

Although we are confident enough that you will never get disappointed with benefits and reward that you will be receiving of becoming the member. But, in case you wish to terminate your membership, you are allowed to do so at any point of time, which is again can be done from the Account Setting option.

Furthermore, the more you shop the more you earn ShopCoins and the more you will get convert them into the digital gift cards. But for any reason if you do not use your account for more than six months, your account will be dissolved automatically, considering it potentially closed and dormant.

Privacy Policy!

Go through our privacy policy as it is very important. It tells you how your personal information provided to the company is treated. Hop on to the privacy policy page of ShopCoins to more.

Coins Redemption Basics!

Earn real money that can be redeemed anytime, anywhere. On registering to ShopCoins, you will be rewarded with some free real money to your account.

Once you become our member, all you need is to find your favourite store, shop the stuffs, check the total coins earned and redeem those coins, by converting them into digital gift cards.

ShopCoins is associated with more than 500 stores and linked tons of offers provided by each store, all you need is to browse your desired store check offers (apply if any) and shop for your favourite stuff. ShopCoins will pay you certain amount of coins as per your order value.

On every $50 price of purchase you will be getting 50 coins. So, say for example your total order value is $ 500 then you will be rewarded 500 coins.

To check your total ShopCoins balance you are required to visit My Account section option. There you can check your balance and can redeem your coins by converting them into the digital gift cards.

Certain condition on which your coins cannot be redeemed-

  • If there is any fraudulent use of the account
  • If your breach this agreement
  • If there is no genuine transaction taken place
  • If the transaction value is low as per the qualifying transaction eligibility
  • If your membership account is suspended
  • If our fee is not received by the Merchant

There other circumstances under which you will not earn coins if your account is forfeited or deemed. Also, the ShopCoins has complete liability to adjust the coin balances, if we find that a credit balance is mistakenly rewarded to your account.

Receiving Coins!

Make sure you shop for a minimum of $50, and then only you will be paid with the ShopCoins coin. If you shop for less than $50, you will not be able to earn ShopCoins. Also, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully liable to make Coin-redemption request.

Misuse of the ShopCoins Web-Portal!
  • No member should abuse or misuse any Merchant’s offers, if found guilty a strict action will be taken and the membership will be dissolved
  • No member should use anyone else’s personal information
  • It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that any material published or any posting done on their profile must not be abusive, indecent or obscene
  • Member’s feedback about any merchant must be genuine, objective and accurate
Copyrights and IP!

As a member of ShopCoins, you are entitled use its website, and so, you must bot reproduce or copy any of the material from the site other than for your personal use, as ShopCoins own all Intellectual Property Rights.

All rights are reserved by ShopCoins and no is entitled to copy or reproduce its website content without the written consent.

Right to Assign!

Members are not allowed to dispose or assign this agreement without the express written consent by ShopCoins. ShopCoins reserve all rights to assign this agreement, but not in a way which will reduce its member’s information protection under this Agreement.